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Turning A Book Into an Audio Book: The Author’s View

I really enjoyed working with Mario Milosevic on the production of his novel Terrastina and Mazolli: A Novel in 99-Word Episodes. This was Mario’s first time through the process of turning one his novels into an audio book. Giving up some of the control over the characters can often be (understandably) difficult for authors. Rarely do the characters sound exactly as they imagined or the pacing or word emphasis might be a bit different than the way they hear it in their heads. Mario struck the perfect balance of giving me the information I needed to get a feel for the characters while giving me the freedom to create the audio book. Here is an excerpt from his blog:

T & M is a very dear book to me. I love the characters and their story and so do a lot of my readers. Everyone who reads the book invariably says they love it. It’s one of Kim’s favorite books ever.

I didn’t think it was possible, but now I love the book even more. Caroline made Terrastina, Mazolli, and their twins come to life. I loved hearing them talk in someone else’s voice and I loved how the words I had written seemed new and even more full of life than they did on the printed page or the pixilated screen.

High praise, indeed ! I hope to work with Mario again in the future.


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