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Two New Books, Two New Series

I’ve just finished up a couple of new audiobooks in what has turned out to be an incredibly busy Spring. Both have very interesting female protagonists and both gave my accent/dialect range a workout!

Secrets of the Kill is Book 1 in the Chloe Mather series. Chloe is a tough ex-marine who is on the trail of a psychopath.  LOTS of interesting characters in here, from Chloe’s meteorologist boyfriend, to Israelis intelligence agents, to Italian mobsters, to Middle Eastern saboteurs…whew! Looking forward to working again with author Lawrence Kelter on more in this series.

Next up was Misfortune Cookies, Book 1 in the “When the Fat Ladies Sing” cozy mystery series. Lovita and Sue Jan are about as different from Chloe Mather as it gets. Had to work on my West Texas accent for this one, with lots of help from author Linda Kozar.

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