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Check out my Christmas audio books!

I’ve put all my Christmas audio books in one easy-to-peruse location here.

From a romantic tales of Christmas in Scotland to nineteenth century England to contemporary romances with a Christmas theme.  Or a magical story about cousins who suddenly find themselves as tiny characters under the Christmas tree. Like dogs? I’ve got a Christmas story that features a lovable dog.  If you’re someone who likes a little modern detective thrown in with your Christmas story, I’ve got you covered!

Check out the complete list by clicking here.


Turning A Book Into an Audio Book: The Author’s View

I really enjoyed working with Mario Milosevic on the production of his novel Terrastina and Mazolli: A Novel in 99-Word Episodes. This was Mario’s first time through the process of turning one his novels into an audio book. Giving up some of the control over the characters can often be (understandably) difficult for authors. Rarely do the characters sound exactly as they imagined or the pacing or word emphasis might be a bit different than the way they hear it in their heads. Mario struck the perfect balance of giving me the information I needed to get a feel for the characters while giving me the freedom to create the audio book. Here is an excerpt from his blog:

T & M is a very dear book to me. I love the characters and their story and so do a lot of my readers. Everyone who reads the book invariably says they love it. It’s one of Kim’s favorite books ever.

I didn’t think it was possible, but now I love the book even more. Caroline made Terrastina, Mazolli, and their twins come to life. I loved hearing them talk in someone else’s voice and I loved how the words I had written seemed new and even more full of life than they did on the printed page or the pixilated screen.

High praise, indeed ! I hope to work with Mario again in the future.


Two New Books, Two New Series

I’ve just finished up a couple of new audiobooks in what has turned out to be an incredibly busy Spring. Both have very interesting female protagonists and both gave my accent/dialect range a workout!

Secrets of the Kill is Book 1 in the Chloe Mather series. Chloe is a tough ex-marine who is on the trail of a psychopath.  LOTS of interesting characters in here, from Chloe’s meteorologist boyfriend, to Israelis intelligence agents, to Italian mobsters, to Middle Eastern saboteurs…whew! Looking forward to working again with author Lawrence Kelter on more in this series.

Next up was Misfortune Cookies, Book 1 in the “When the Fat Ladies Sing” cozy mystery series. Lovita and Sue Jan are about as different from Chloe Mather as it gets. Had to work on my West Texas accent for this one, with lots of help from author Linda Kozar.

If you’d like a free reviewer copy, click on the “Contact Me” form and let me know!


Audiobooks as an industry, tool for literacy, and art form…

The Audio Publishers Association recently highlighted a story in the Salisbury (NC) Post about audiobooks and how they “provide a whole new dimension for reading”.

Narrators can profoundly impact the way the listener perceives characters and plot. Take, for example, the Artemis Fowl children’s series, primarily narrated by Maxwell Caulfield. His ability to seamlessly transition between characters — whether female or male, Native American or British — is certainly notable.
And the literary benefits…
For avid book lovers, it may feel like “cheating” to listen to an audiobook. But there are many proven literacy benefits to be gained from listening to a well-read audiobook. There has been a great deal of research supporting positive effects on vocabulary development, fluency and comprehension.
It’s just “reading out loud”, right?
Being an audiobook narrator may seem like an easy job, but there’s a lot that goes into making a top-notch production. Narrators are responsible for pacing, setting and mood, in addition to presenting the voices.
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Read more here.


New Non-Fiction Audiobook: Vigilantes and Lynch Mobs: Narratives of Community and Nation

Wow, this one was interesting! University Press Audiobooks always has interesting titles and when I was offered this one, I knew I wanted to produce it.

Vigilantes and Lynch Mobs: Narratives of Community and Nation

Vigilantes and Lynch Mobs: Narratives of Community and Nation

Genre: Non-Fiction
Publisher: University Press Audiobooks
n Vigilantes and Lynch Mobs, Arellano closely examines such narratives as well as the work of western historian and archivist Hubert Howe Bancroft, who was sympathetic to them and that of Ida B. Wells, who wrote in fierce opposition to lynching. Tracing the creation, maintenance, and circulation of dominant, alternative, and oppositional vigilante stories from the 19th century frontier through the Jim Crow South, she casts new light on the role of narrative in creating a knowable past.
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About the Book
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Lisa Arellano looks at non-fiction narratives as “history” and shows how they “conform to a common formula whose purpose is to legitimate frontier justice and lynching”.

Drop me a line if you’d like a free reviewer copy.


Noble Cause: A Sweeping Civil War Epic

Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres to both read and narrate and Noble Cause was no exception.

“A riveting piece of historical fiction, by the Midwest Book Review and often compared to Gone with the Wind, Noble Cause takes readers across the rolling hills of Virginia in a page-turning tale of courage and love.”


This was an interesting book for me to narrate because of all the Southern accents, particularly the Northern Virginian accents for some of the soldiers on the Union side and keeping those distinct from the Confederate soldiers.

If you’d like a free copy in exchange for an impartial review, please email me at caroline@carolinemiller.net.


Dakota Blues

The summer I turned 12, my grandfather took my cousin and me on a motor home trip through Iowa, the Dakotas, and Canada. We had a great adventure and saw beautiful parts of Canada and the US we had never seen before: Riding Mountain National Park and Clear Lake in Manitoba, the Badlands, and Mount Rushmore. We stayed in KOA campgrounds most nights and for the most part, thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

While we didn’t have the quite the experiences Karen Grace has in Lynee Spreen’s Dakota Blues, we met many interesting people and watching my grandfather pull out his typewriter each evening for the newspaper story he would eventually write about this trip  got me in the habit of jotting down notes on all my journeys – big and small.

Dakota Blues Cover

Narrating this book brought back the many great memories I have of that trip and I really enjoyed the story, too.

When you get a chance, check out author Lynne Spreen’s website, anyshinything.com, for lots of interesting writing on “midlife magic”.  Lynne was great to work with on this book and I hope to work with her again in the future.

Listen to a sample of the book: