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Audiobooks as an industry, tool for literacy, and art form…

The Audio Publishers Association recently highlighted a story in the Salisbury (NC) Post about audiobooks and how they “provide a whole new dimension for reading”.

Narrators can profoundly impact the way the listener perceives characters and plot. Take, for example, the Artemis Fowl children’s series, primarily narrated by Maxwell Caulfield. His ability to seamlessly transition between characters — whether female or male, Native American or British — is certainly notable.
And the literary benefits…
For avid book lovers, it may feel like “cheating” to listen to an audiobook. But there are many proven literacy benefits to be gained from listening to a well-read audiobook. There has been a great deal of research supporting positive effects on vocabulary development, fluency and comprehension.
It’s just “reading out loud”, right?
Being an audiobook narrator may seem like an easy job, but there’s a lot that goes into making a top-notch production. Narrators are responsible for pacing, setting and mood, in addition to presenting the voices.
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Read more here.


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